You are currently viewing JSI Vacancy Announcement for NATIONAL COVID-19 RCCE CONSULTANT Position

JSI Vacancy Announcement for NATIONAL COVID-19 RCCE CONSULTANT Position

JSI Vacancy Announcement, Doctors Online Ethiopia, December 5  2021 


Job Description:


Ethiopia’s first case of COVID-19 was confirmed on March 13, 2020, and the country has seen just over 368,646 cases as of November 14, 2021 [EPHI], with urban areas shouldering the majority of the caseload. At the outset, the government of Ethiopia (GoE) took protective measures to mitigate widespread transmission by enforcing a state of emergency, mandatory quarantine for travelers, communication and advocacy efforts, modifications to public transportation norms to ensure safety, and a mask mandate. The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) established a surveillance and reporting system, and four coordinating bodies were set up to manage the pandemic response. These early measures showed results as the early disruptions to essential health service delivery observed between March and May 2020 rebounded by June 2020.

Despite these strong early efforts, it is evident that fatigue has taken hold in a country where the pandemic was slow to spread at the outset but has in recent months speed up rapidly. There is a lack of integration of COVID-19 response efforts with routine service delivery, which has resulted in inefficient resource utilization and coordination efforts. These challenges compounded with community fatigue to adhere to COVID-19 prevention call for the need for more protective measures through further social and behavior change communication (SBCC), and risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) interventions, and capacity-building support.

The Ministry of Health has developed a comprehensive response plan to strengthen health system capacity to be responsive to the pandemic including strengthening the HEP/PHC system. In line with this, the MOH intends to: 1) enhance COVID-19 rapid testing, 2) strengthen risk communication and community engagement, 3) increase capacity of case management, 4) roll out vaccination, 5) strengthen core heath system functions, 6) revitalize multi-sectorial response mechanism, and 7) integrate COVID-19 services with routine health services.

Therefore, JSI/L10K will support national efforts- assist regions and selected geographies in urban and semi-urban areas (Amhara, Sidama, Oromia, and Addis Ababa city) through strengthening RCCE by leveraging community health (e.g., urban health extension professionals), revitalizing multi-sectorial response mechanism, and integration of COVID-19 services into routine health services by focusing on interrupting disease transmission among others.


The national RCCE consultant will provide technical assistance to EPHI-Emergency Operation Center (EOC) RCCE section, ministry of health HEP/PHC and maternal and child health directorates in the design, implementation, and monitoring of COVID-19 response efforts by strengthening the RCCE efforts, revitalizing multi-sectorial responses, COVID-19 vaccine communication and service delivery, and integration of COVID-19 services into routine health services. In addition to the EOC RCCE section, the national consultant is expected to work with Ministry of Health, HEP/PHC and MCH directorates to support COVID-19 vaccine delivery and operationalization of RCCE efforts.

Specific roles of the Technical Consultant

·         Provide technical assistance to the national EOC and MOH to capacitate and strengthen the RCCE efforts to interrupt COVID-19 transmission

·         Work with the health system to strengthen COVID-19 response technical and coordination platforms such as technical working groups to provide technical support, coordinate, streamline and synergize COVID-19 response efforts

·         Support the EOC and MOH to design and roll-out of targeted RCCE efforts to strengthen compliance with COVID-19 mitigation efforts by engaging community and PHC system including revitalization of house-to-house and community visits with key COVID-19 messages and NPI, re-engaging community and social structures

·         Support the health system to design and implement evidence based and gender sensitive SBCC interventions to bring behavioral shifts and improve adherence to NPIs

·         Provide technical support for MOH to re-strategize and implement community-based surveillance in high COVID-19 clustered areas

·         Work with MOH and other non-health sectors to revitalize/strengthen multi-sectorial COVID-19 response mechanisms

·         Provide technical assistance to capacitate the health system to reduce the burden of COVID-19 on and maintain continuity of essential health services through integration of COVID-19 responses with routine health services

·         Provide technical assistance to MCH directorate on COVID-19 vaccine communication and service delivery

·         Support the coordination and streamlining of COVID-19 response efforts of the emergency operation center and MOH

Any tasks assigned by the supervisors

Job Requirements:

·         Minimum of master’s degree on public health (MPH) and a degree in medicine/health officer/nursing/Health education, communication and promotion

·         A minimum of 10 years’ experience in planning and implementation of primary health care, health promotion or other related health programs

·         Knowledge and experience of the Ethiopian health system, particularly the primary health care system

·         Experience in working with Urban Health Extension Professionals/Program including Coaching and capacity building skills, experience in emergency response is an asset

·         Experience in working with different stakeholders, sectors and partners

·         Good skill in communicating, organizing group discussion, and coordination

·         Strong result orientation

·         Good computer skill

·         Fluency in English and Amharic

NUMBER OF POSITION: 1 for Six Months


How To Apply:
OTHER: This job consultancy description is not PART OF THE CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMNET. It may be changed based on the JSI’ L10Ks strategic needs and priorities. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives, which should facilitate achievements of the key responsibilities in accordance with the Performance Review Process.


How to Apply:

Interested applicants who met the minimum requirements should send and apply at WWW. This is an opportunity for an experienced and highly motivated consultant professional and if you meet the required skill, competencies and experience, please submit your application and CV in English detailing your experience and skills that are relevant to the post. Please do not attach copies of your transcripts, academic degrees or recommendation letters with the application. You will provide them upon request.


Women are highly encouraged to apply.

NB. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Application Deadline: December 09/2021

Deadline: 12.09.2021
Employment: Contract
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