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Health Professionals Frustration due to unfair Employments

Fighting unfair Employments, Doctors Online Ethiopia, December 1 2021

The Story starts…


Today we decided to tell you a sad but true story that commenced 2 weeks back. Our story teller is a recently graduated Medical Doctor struggling to get a Job after successfully passing his COC examination.

The story goes like this, 2 weeks back the Doctor Saw a Vacancy announced by a well renown Government university and decided to apply. The job vacancy he applied for was for 5 General Practitioners, to a Lecturer Position. The Dr remembers that of the 50+ GPs who sat for the written exam only 28 Passed for the interview.

Our story teller told us that he traveled 600 Kms after he received a phone call from the university to sit for the written exam. He sat for the exam and was fortunate enough to be one of the 28 GPs who passed for an interview.

The Dr Narrates

“We went to have the interview on the day we were called, and also the next day. The interview didn’t take place for unclear reasons. Imagine, most of the examinees were staying at hotel. Later on, we were told that the procedure was manipulated by those who had an interest on hiring relatives and the exam was canceled.”

Why writing about this?

Our Doctor from the story is just one of several health professionals who tried to compete for a job vacancy and got unfairly deprived of a fair chance to get employed.

Doctors Online Kept hearing several of such unfair employments after public announcement of vacancies. People travel long distances to capture an opportunity that’s has already been allocated to another professional.


The Physician concludes

The Physician concludes his story by saying

” Currently, I can say this is a case of most of our institutions. Many doctors are becoming hopeless and unmotivated. We should think about this as a nation. “


– We cover the identity of the Medical Doctor to protect his privacy.

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