Kunifira Agro Processing Plc Vacancy

Kunifira Agro Processing Plc Vacancy, Doctors Online Ethiopia, Noveber 24 2021


Organization: Kunifira Agro Processing Plc

Position: Hygiene and Sanitation Professional

Education: BSc in Environmental Health

Minimum Experience: 0 Year

Quantity Required: 1

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline : November 24 2021

Salary: Negotiable

How to Apply

In Person


Address:- From Oromia Special zone Gelan City along the road taking to Kora Mariyam in the factory compartment next to uro cable.

N.B. Applicant Should come with CV, Original and Non returnable Copy of Educational Credentials and Job Experience.

For more Information contact

Call:- 0118898794/ 0114713559

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