What is Sermo? and Can Health professionals make Extra income from It?

 Doctors Online Ethiopia, November 21 2021

What is Sermo?


Sermo (stylized as SERMO) is a private social media network for physicians open to licensed M.D.s and D.O.s in the United States, and 149 other countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, and English-speaking Oceania.



To use any Materials on Sermo, You must:-


(a) be a licensed physician or other health care professional (“HCP”) in the US or in another country,

(b) be a registered participant of sermo.com, and

(c) be a resident in the 50 states of the United States of America, exclusive of its commonwealths, territories and possessions or in the country you are resident and practicing in (“United States or Other Country”).


Prior to the use of the Site, You must provide Sermo with valid confirmation of (a) & (c), above, including all of the following:

(i) Your name;

(ii) Your mailing address (i.e., so we can mail you any accrued payments);

(iii) jurisdictions of licensure; and

(iv) other confirmatory demographics. By submitting that information to Sermo, You hereby certify all assertions made under this Section and agree that You authorize Sermo to confirm the veracity of such information.



As a Panel member, you will have access to the below services as well as eligibility to receive invitations to participate in market research surveys in the event such opportunities arise. Participation in the Panel is free and may generate honoraria and incentives. As a Panel member, Sermo (or its service providers or affiliates on Sermo’s behalf) may contact you multiple times via any and all contact information that you provide.

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Providing additional information as part of your profile, which is accessible on your personal member pages, is not required but may further increase your chances of being invited to surveys relevant to you.


How to Earn on Sermo

On Sermo you can turn your priceless insights into cash. This is where our market research studies come into play.

To see what survey opportunities you have available, click on Surveys in the navigation bar at the top of your homepage or click on the Surveys module at the top right corner of your homepage.

You can also earn by participating in various campaigns and promotions hosted by Sermo on the social network. Make sure you’re following Sermo Team to not miss these fun earning opportunities!Sermo disburses more honoraria to doctors than most any other organization in the world. Join Sermo if you haven’t already, and enjoy earning money from our surveys!

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