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Woreda Project Coordinator needed at 1Oromia Development Association

August 19 2021
Job Description:


Number of Position: Two (02)

*  Brief Introduction

ODA is a nonprofit local organization established and registered as an Ethiopian Residents Charity, with the mission to contribute to community development through innovative community based approaches. Currently ODA is awarded a project entitled “FUTUREs- RH/FPproject from CARE Ethiopia to be implemented in I/A/Bora zone & Buno Bedele zones   of oromia region.Previously, ODA successfully implemented the community-based interventions and integrated health service projects in Oromia Region.

*  Job Summary

Under the leadership of Zonal Coordinator, the woreda Coordinator is responsible for planning, execution and for overseeing the successful implementation and delivery of RH and FP program activities to achieve its intended goal in the implementation in selected woreda’s of I/A/Bora& Buno Bedele  zones. He/she coordinates the planning, implementation and delivery of defined and agreed upon and service delivery/practice.\

 *  Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and schedules project work plan in accordance with specifications given to him/her;
  • Oversees daily operations and coordinates activities of project; determines priorities;
  • Reviewing the plans regularly to ensure tasks and milestones are being achieved in a timely manner and preparation of project status reports, manage presentations at Zonal /Woreda level, design agendas whenever need arise to do so, etc.
  • Provide technical support and ensure that RH/FP activities are properly discussed during monthly/quarterly cluster meeting
  • Provide technical support to the Woredas health office, health extension workers and supervisors on areas of RH/FP.
  • Monitors and supervises the activities of Woredahealth office and Health centerFP focal, private clinics, HEWs, WDAs and volunteers/associations;
  • Monitor the proper implementation of referral networking system based on the SOP
  • Closely monitor the implementation and output of the Community Conversation;
  • Interacts with members of the community to help achieve project goals and objectives;
  • Ensure proper functioning of the referral system with strong referral linkage between the health centere and health extension workers.
  • Take the responsibility of organizing VSLA /YSLA memebers in colaboration with woreda & kebele stake holders
  • Leading the promotion of RH/FP utilization using VSLA/YSLA and otherplatforms to be established by the project
  • supporting the lively hood improvement activities to improve hosueholds health status in the forest community jointly with other partners in the woreda
  • Undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.


Job Requirements:
* Qualifications and Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health clinical nursing sociology, psychology , social work & other related subjects   with minimum of 3-years  relevant experience in RH/FP, HIV/AIDS or related program or Diploma in the above mentioned educational background &5 -years relevant work experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, Amharic and Afan Oromo language;
  • Experience working with a wide range of stakeholders at local community, district, and zonal levels and local indigenous associations, civil societies and NGOs
  • Experience in coordinitaing facilitating & suppervising Rh/FP and related projects
  • Experience of working in the area of community based intervention through different plat forms like VSLa/YSLA, SAA, CSC and community dialogue
  • Able to ride motor bike and have driving license;
  • Willingness to locate in Woredas with frequent travel to kebeles.

* Type and terms of employment: Full time fixed  base contract for one year with possibility of extension

How To Apply:
N.B – Please come with your application letter, curriculum vita & all necessary educational, work experience & other   original & photocopy documents  & apply  I/A/Bora  Zone ODA branch office, Metu Town , & Buno Bedele zone ODA branch office , Metu town   within (seven  )calendar days   days starting from the 1st date of this announcement from 19/8/2021 GC or 13/12 /2013 EC 

Clearnce from previous organization & guarantee are mandatory to be employed for the position

For further information:   Dial:

I/A/Bora zoine ODA branch office, Metu Town   0471412004  /0919361909

Buno Bedele Zone ODA branch office, Bedele Town   0474451886 

Deadline: 08.20.2021
Dorani and Chora Woreda, Ilu Aba Bora & Buno Bedele zones, Oromia

Oromia Development Association (ODA)

Oromia Development Association (ODA

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