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Matron needed at Bethzatha Health Service Plc

August 19 2021
Job Description:
Job Summary:

To provide excellent clinical and professional leadership to nursing staff at all levels within the hospital environment including in-patient and outpatient services, ensuring that nursing care is delivered to a high standard and that the nursing resource is managed effectively.

v  Duties and responsibilities:

Ø  To work closely with the Deputy Medical Director, Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as Nursing Service Coordinator to ensure that the staff work effectively to achieve the Hospital objectives,

Ø  To lead on all aspects of patient safety and improving the patient experience in the Hospital.

Ø  To lead on Infection Prevention and Control

Ø  Be accountable for the provision of expert nursing advice and input into operational and strategic issues including the development and implementation of strategy and policy

Ø  Develop and communicate an overall vision which provides purpose and direction for all Nursing staff working within the hospital

Ø  Develop a culture which positively promotes learning from incidents and patient feedback

Ø  Develop and promote professionalism and forge relationships with other health care professionals and non-clinical staff, in order to improve the patient experience

Ø  Maintain an effective communication network to ensure staff has the information and support they require to provide high quality care for all patients and their families,

Ø  Act as a role model for nurses across the Hospital, promoting and demonstrating the standards of care and behaviors expected,

Ø  Deliver and supervise the delivery of all aspects of nursing care to patients based on, knowledge and experience in order to maintain and raise standards of care

Ø  Have a working knowledge of Health and Safety regulations and emergency clinical procedures, ensuring that appropriate action is taken in response to an emergency

Ø  Direct optimal utilization of patient flow (bed capacity) within the Hospital

Ø  Evaluate Head Nurse`s staff performance

v  Management Related Responsibilities

Ø  Provide effective line management & support to deputies, Nurses and Nurse Practitioner’s,

Ø  Direct and manage Head Nurses to support the performance management process (including human resource and attendance management), and ensure that Head Nurses manage the staff who are responsible to them effectively

Ø  Promote inter-professional communication and collaborative working within the department

Ø  They collect work reports from all the Head nurses regarding their activities regularly and maintains a record of them

Ø  Take managerial and professional responsibility and accountability for the nursing team in the Hospital.

Ø  Participate in hiring, screening potential employees (Nurses), looking over resumes, conducting interviews and making hiring decisions together with other concerning organs.

Ø  Direct and mange HMIS utilization of nurses and head nurses.

Ø  Monitor record of patient related data using HMIS software.

Job Requirements:

v  Competences and skills Required

–          Must be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude and providing exemplary customer service

–          Highly developed written and oral communication skills

–          People management skills

–          Demonstrates and understanding of the function of the Code of Professional Conduct and its application to clinical practice

–          Ability to support development of positive team culture

–          Able to use computer and HMIS software

v  Qualifications and Requirement

– Diploma/B.Sc. Degree in Nursing

v  Experience

Knowledge and proven experience of working in a highly pressured area, especially in hospitals for more than 6 years out of which 3 years in the same position, Experience of leading nursing service, Experience of leading and managing others.


How To Apply:
Interested and qualified  Candidates can send their application letter and Updated CV through the following address: Email:
Deadline: 08.28.2021
Employment: Full time
Location: Addis Ababa

Bethzatha Health Service Plc

Bethzatha Health Service Plc

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