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July 20 2021


Job Description

Context of the mission

MÉDECINS DU MONDE FRANCE (MDM-FR) is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) involved in humanitarian interventions, operating in Ethiopia since 1986 implementing development cooperation and emergency assistance projects in a number of regions such as Tigray, Somali and Afar. MdM-F implements its projects with a local and expatriate team and in most cases with a local implementing partner.

Between 2008 and 2011 MdM-FR implemented in Krebi Dehar (Somali region) a project in primary healthcare provision and maternal health. Through this intervention, MdM supported three rural health posts and the hospital and its maternity unit of Krebi Dehar.

Later on, in 2019, MdM as a network – MdM France (MdM-FR) and MdM Germany (MdM-Ge) and in partnership with a local partner returned to the Somali region with an emergency program in Gerbo district (Nogob Zone) funded by GFFO. In this project, the supported health facilities provide complete primary healthcare services including general consultations, SRH, WASH, nutrition and immunization.

From 2014 until 2017, MdM-FR implemented a project in Afar region with a local partner to prevent and address health consequences of FGM. This project was funded by EuropeAid and Sternstunden Foundation. In 2018 MdM supported the Afar region’s health authorities in the Cholera outbreak response through case management, surveillance, social mobilization, WASH and logistics. In the same region and at the same time, MdM started also a program on reduction of gender-based violence (GBV) among female sex workers (FSWs) in Afar funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD) and that is still ongoing. In general, following Covid- 19 pandemics, MdM-FR has also been responding to it in its project areas and in Jigjiga city and Qoloji IDP camp, in Somali region since March 2020 as well as in Afar. The Somali region projects have now been handed over from MdM-FR to MdM-Ge since May 2021. And  recently, MdM-FR  started  a  project  in  Oromia  and  Somali  region  to  improve access to quality health services with ECHO fund through consortium with COPPI and MdM Ge. MDM-FR intends to open operations in Tigray in the coming months.

Hierarchical & Functional links

The Medical Coordinator will be based in Addis Abeba with frequent travel to the field, under the direct supervision of General Coordinator, also based in Addis Abeba, and with technical links with the Health Advisor based in Head Quarters.

The Medical Coordinator directly supervises the mission pharmacist and the MHPSS manager, and technically supervises Program Coordinators and Project Medical Referents or officers.

Essential Duties and responsibilities

The Medical Coordinator is in charge of the development, implementation, follow up and supervision of medical and health-related activities of MdM-FR Ethiopia Mission. S/he is also expected to assist MdM-Ge medical team and program with punctual support and guarantees coherence of medical programming of both MdM chapters.

Overall responsibility

  • Contribute to the overall planning and strategic direction of the mission programmes.
  • Be the programme focal point for the development of programmes and proposals
  • Contribute to the advocacy strategies of both MdM chapters, ensuring they are in line with MdM global positioning towards and the strategies are tailored to the national policies in Ethiopia.
  • Provide technical support in health programme related issues and in the development of health-related materials in line with MdM and national standards.
  • Ensure the effective monitoring and evaluation of MdM health programming in line with MdM and approved donor guidelines (proposal and budgets), and in line with national authorities’ requirements.
  • Ensure the medical quality of the program through capacity building of medical staff and partners.
  • By delegation of the General Coordinator, represent MdM by liaising with the national authorities, donors, international organizations, and other stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in supporting the project activities

Team management

  • Direct line management of the Addis based programme team
  • Technical management of the field based programme teams
  • Plan and conduct briefings, evaluation sand debriefings of the Medical Teams prior to (and after) contract.
  • Identify potential gaps and promote capacity building of the medical team.
  • Develop, review and update job profiles of Programme staff.
  • Organize regular meetings, briefings, and debriefings with the medical supervisors / medical team
  • Organize the schedule/planning of the medical team to assure the development of the project.
  • Assist implementing partners in the identification of training and capacity building needs.
  • Support implementing partners and other stakeholders in the design of effective and efficient medical teams
  • Plan the replacement of the members of the medical team in collaboration with the General and Programme Coordinators; Therefore, participate in the recruitment of the medical staff.
  • In close collaboration with MdM Administrative and Logistic Coordinator, review and update the guidelines for staff health, including updated assessment of referral health facilities, identification of a Medical Doctor for staff referrals, and availability of emergency kits and first aid kit at all base and coordination.
  • Based on the updated MdM guidelines, ensure that SOP for the management of occupational Accidental Exposure to Blood (AEB) is in place and well understood by MdM staff.

Programme Management

  • Monitoring /supervising of medical activities of MdM projects (organize regular field visit)
  • Support the development and implementation of the general strategy on MdM activities with the General Coordinator and the team.
  • Develop relevant documents included in MdM’s commitment towards authorities (SOPs,protocols, etc.).
  • Ensure that the different components of the program are consistent and in link with population needs and set up corrective measures if needs arise.
  • React to any change and, if relevant, propose modifications to adapt the Programme(outbreaks, new needs arising, opening of new Programmes…).
  • Develop the analysis of the medical/health data: reports, graphs, analysis and ensure appropriate and early reporting system.
  • Provide medical team with necessary and relevant guidelines (protocols, tools, etc.) to conduct their job in a qualitative manner in line with national guidelines.
  • Ensure that the targets and objectives of the project are set correctly and achieved in a timely manner.
  • Monitor closely the implementation of medical activities by partners, together with the MdM Program Coordinators and analyze if they are carried out according to MdM standards.
  • Produce monthly MedCo Coordination Report to the General Coordinator and Health Advisor regarding the status of project implementation, challenges encountered and give recommendations on how to overcome obstacles and improve the quality of work.
  • Ensure that the medical teams are submitting their activity reports on time and provide feedback to their reports accordingly.


  • Analyze and monitor medical and health-related data received from the field and provide feedback and technical support to the medical team; provide feedback to partners, health authorities and the supported health facilities.
  • Contribute to the writing of situational reports and other reports sent to HQ. More specifically, produce Monthly MedCo Coordination report and other medical reports as needed.
  • Collaborate with ProgCo and M&E team on updating Monitool and internal MdM database and ensuring the reliability and consistency of data entered into the Monitool.
  • Prepare TORs, write field visit reports after every field visit and share with relevant parties
  • Participate in the writing of donor reports and project proposals.

Coordination with health-related UN agencies, NGOs, local medical authorities and local authorities (community)

  • Participate in the relevant meetings and clusters related to the Programmes and MdM strategies in the countries (MoH, UN, inter agencies, INGO forum…)
  • Ensure project coordination with other health partners (MoH, UN, INGOs) and lobby for its improvement and the necessary changes to be put in place for the best of the population.
  • Participate in relevant workshops and support capacity building within MoH teams as per the need.
  • Build collaboration and partnership with other stakeholders, i.e. INGOs, local NGOs and UN agencies who are working in the health sector and its sub-clusters that may be of interest for current or future MdM interventions.
  • Maintain close collaboration with the Health Advisor at HQ via regular skype meetings and ask for technical support as needed.

Management of pharmacy stocks

  • Ensure missions have an updated Standard Essential Drug List per project as relevant.
  • In close collaboration with the Administrative Logistic Coordinator and with the supervision of the Medical Supervisor in HQ, ensure pharmacy management (average monthly consumptions, orders & inventory) is carried out.
  • Based on MdM Pharmacy Management procedures, plan and prepare Medical Requests (MR) for the supplies of essential drugs and medical consumables for projects.
  • Monitor pharmacy stock management in each base through mission pharmacist
  • Ensure timely update of mission pharmacy guidelines
  • Ensure follow up and assessment of validations for medical suppliers
  • Ensure that whole process of pharmacy management is in line with MDM policy, and provide the necessary support to personnel involved in the different steps (pharmacists, logisticians, ProgCo, medical team, etc.).
  • Ensure regular inventory of emergency kits, first aid kits and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) kits

Status: Salaried /Basic Salary: 55,590.00 ETB + 1,300.00 ETB

Transport allowance Status: Salaried /Basic Salary: 55,590.00 ETB + 1,300.00 ETB transport allowance.

Contract duration: 12 months with the possibility of extension

Job Requirements

Expected Profile

  • Essential – Doctor, Nurse, Midwife, or public health background
  • Essential – 5 years’ work experience with similar position in INGO
  • Essential – Fluent in English language (speaking and writing) and French is an asset
  • Essential – Experience in Program development for INGOs
  • Monitoring and reporting experience
  • Ability to train internal and external national staff
  • Experience in negotiations with local authorities, partners, and staff in difficult contexts
  • Ability to take effective decisions according to the context
  • Strong organizational skills in emergency situations and autonomous in daily operations
  • Ability to manage a team, remotely and in person

How to Apply

Interested applicants are required to fill the application form at the following link (Note: Please make sure all the information that you provided in this form is true and accurate) and email by stating the position you are applying on the subject line of your email through [email protected]

NB: only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

Women is strongly encouraged to apply

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