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Assistant Nutrition & Food Security Officer- UNHCR Jobs

Job Description:

Duties and Qualifications

Organizational Context

The nutrition situation among children 6-59 months in the Gambella operation remains a concern. Despite all the efforts the vicious cycle of child malnutrition (especially undernutrition) remains a challenge in the refugee camps and hosting communities who have similar challenges. The increased double burden and effect on quality of care with required COVID 19 measures in line with WHO and Government guidance placed strain on the nutrition response with desired quality especially in identification of undernutrition and beneficially access to services and livelihoods thus malnutrition. Child malnutrition is still high extrapolated from routine data 2020 and 2019 SENS results which indicated  the prevalence of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) among 6-59 months children at 10.4%.High prevalence of anemia remains a public health concern with rates at  44.2% 2019 among children 6-59 months and  medium at 25.6% among women of childbearing age compared to the WHO standard of <20%. At entry Point proportion of all children screened for WHZ indicate a GAM of 20.8% (February 2021). Further analysis of the findings documented in  assessments conducted, such as Nutrition Casual Analysis (NCA), Knowledge Attitude Practice (KAP) and SENS surveys, Nutrition evaluation of the Infant and young child feeding framework 2019/2020 show that several risk factors contribute to  poor nutrition outcomes; such as inadequate food availability, high workload for women, Social cultural practices (poor maternal care practices, poor hygiene and health-seeking behavior), limited diet diversity, negative coping mechanisms ;lack of livelihood/livelihood options; insecurity and COVID 19; dependency on humanitarian assistance to meet all basic needs, consistent food ration cuts (resulting provision of 1,803 kcals/person/day which is lower than the recommended 2,100kcal/person/day)  Despite the strengthened multi-sectoral approach and gains made for improved nutrition wellbeing especially for children under five years and pregnant and lactating women, the risk of all forms of malnutrition remains high in camps and hosting communities.

The Assistant Nutrition and Food Security Officer will be under the direct supervision of the Nutrition and Food Security Officer at the Sub-Office. H/she plays a key role in planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation UNHCR’s Nutrition and food security programmes for all persons of concern in Gambella refugee camps.  This will include undertaking regular field trips in order to monitor and support the implementation of Nutrition and food security activities to refugees; monitor refugee access to  Food and nutrition services and ensure feedback relating to key nutrition data is provided by partners, relevant UN agencies, Regional Health Bureau at local level; develop and guide context strategic development and implementation  project activities to address identified needs.  This will be done in consultation with regional  Health, food and nutrition  authorities, INGO partners; UN agencies especially WFP and UNICEF in the Nutrition and food security  and through liaison with other sectors internally and externally within UNHCR (WASH, protection, programme, livelihood etc.) to ensure a multi-sectoral approach. The staff will work closely with the Public Health Officer to enable results in the preventive and curative aspects especially the community-based activities, Reproductive health, epidemic preparedness and response


  •  The incumbent will be responsible to provide strategic direction for the food and nutrition sector operation in coordination with ARRA, UNICEF, WFP, GRHB and the implementing and operational partners as well as for monitoring, capacity building in different sector themes to keep notch of desired results.


Coordination, Leadership and Partnership

  •  Assist with the coordination of nutrition and food security activities for Persons of Concern (POC) with other government, UN agencies, donors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other humanitarian partners including development actors to ensure nutrition and food security is in line with the Global Compact on Refugees and in support of the Sustainable Development goals, including SDG 2.
  •  Support operational collaboration with WFP including the design and implementation of Joint Assessment Missions and corresponding Joint Plans of Action in line with global commitments on targeting of assistance to meet basic needs and data sharing to support assistance distribution (in collaboration with programme and protection colleagues),
  •  Support inter-sector collaboration throughout all stages of programme cycle between nutrition and food security with public health, WASH, education, environment, shelter, and protection etc. in order to promote synergies and maximize impact.
  • In collaboration with public health staff, provide assistance in the development and monitoring of country specific medium to long term inclusion plans in support of the Ministry of Health and other relevant Ministries (e.g. Social Welfare) and in partnership with development and other actors including the World Bank, International Labor Organizations, UNICEF, WFP, WHO and major donors.
  • Work with stakeholders, including UN agencies, NGOs, Ministries of Health and academic institutions in the development of nutrition and food security plans associated with refugee movements (including in repatriation programmes).
  • Maintain and update contingency plans for potential outbreaks, refugee and returnee movements.
  • Advocate with government and partners for refugees, returnees and other POC¿s access to local public health and nutrition services as well as for their inclusion as a specific group in government policies, plans and social protection programmes.

Strategic planning and development

  •  Implement UNHCR¿s Strategic Plan for Public Health and its adaptation at Sub-office level.
  •  Ensure that Nutrition and Food Security strategies address known gaps in nutrition and food security programming based on country-specific needs assessment with due consideration to multi-sectoral linkages and existing national nutrition and social protection programmes.
  •  Assist in the development of country public health, nutrition and food security strategies (including targeting of basic food and non-food assistance) based on up-to-date assessment and identification of needs, recognizing the contributions of governments and other actors and in support of national health systems as much as possible; recognize the different approaches required for the stage of the humanitarian response (preparedness, emergency, stabilization, transition and long term inclusion) as well as for settlement or camp based POCs and those in urban or non-camp situations.
  •  Support the design, implementation and reporting on Joint Assessment Missions with WFP and the resulting Joint Plan of Action.

Technical Support

  •  Provide technical assistance on nutrition and food security to UNHCR’s staff and partners.
  • Advise Field Offices on matters related to procurement of sector-related materials and equipment, and regular update on new developments and specifications of such items.
  •  Ensure dissemination and implementation of internationally accepted technical standards, policies, and guidelines within UNHCR and among partners; adapt accordingly to the unique situation of refugee populations.
  •  Advocate on all issues relating to refugees¿ and other POC¿s nutrition and food security including adequate access to services, inclusion in national systems and services and identification of development and international funding sources.

Assessment, analysis and monitoring

  •  Contribute to the planning and implementation of the UNHCR Standardized Expanded Nutrition Surveys.
  • Coordinate and participate in joint needs assessments (including Joint Assessment Missions with WFP), nutrition and food security assessments of refugees and returnees.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation system for nutrition and food security programmes within the Area of Responsibility (AoR).
  • Provide guidance to staff and partners to implement the Health Information Systems, Post Distribution Monitoring and ensure linkages with nutrition cluster assessment tools and process in out of camp or host populations.
  •  Support the exchange and analysis of information on nutrition and food security at the national level with government and other partners.

Capacity Strengthening

  •  Undertake and/or support capacity strengthening of UNHCR and its implementing partners to ensure the technical integrity of nutrition and food security programmes in a co-ordinated, multi-sectoral way.
  • Share relevant guidelines and information materials on programming relating to refugee nutrition and food security with staff and partners.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Reporting relationships

  • The incumbent of this position will report to the Nutrition Officer, there is no supervisee under this position.

Job Requirements :

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Professional Work Experience

Years of Experience / Degree Level

For P1/NOA – 1 year relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or no experience with Graduate degree; or no experience with Doctorate degree

Certificates and/or Licenses

Public Health;         Food Security;    Food Assistance;

Reproductive Health; Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF);

(Certificates and Licenses marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Relevant Job Experience


  • Expertise in the area of nutrition and food security assessments including surveys, rapid screenings and rapid assessments. Experience in use of health and nutrition monitoring tools such as the Health Information System. Ability to work under pressure and in hardship conditions. Ability to promote good working relationships among colleagues, supervisors, and supervisees. Analytical and creative thinking abilities with solutions oriented approach. Ability to coordinate a range of diverse actors and activities to achieve a common objective in the area of Nutrition and Food Security. Knowledge and experience of working with partner agencies with a capacity to provide formal and informal technical training. Strong communication skills both verbal and in writing. Proficiency in computer software such as MS Access, Epi Info, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other statistical programmes required for nutritional survey data analysis.
  • Fully competent and experienced in the use of computers using a Word, Excel, Email, PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Experience in multi-sector programming for nutrition outcomes. Demonstrated experience in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices, targeting food assistance, small scale agriculture and livelihoods interventions, cash assistance to meet basic needs


  • Previous professional work with refugees and other populations of concern to UNHCR with UNHCR, NGO’s and / or UN agencies
  • Expertise in the area of nutrition and food security assessments including surveys, rapid screenings and rapid assessments
  • Experience in use of health and nutrition monitoring tools such as the Health Information System
  • Knowledge of local institutions

Functional Skills

  • IT-Computer Literacy
  • PG-Programme Management (project formulation, programme cycles and reporting standards)
  • MD-Experience with food aid/food security (incl. Survey, screening, assessment)
  • MD-Nutrition
  • MD-Nutrition-Food Supplm, SMART methodology, CMAM, IYCF, Voucher/Cash transfer
  • EX-Experience in hardship duty stations
  • EX-Field experience in emergency and/or large-scale settings
  • MG-Partnership Development
  • TR-Training/Coaching/Facilitation
  • (Functional Skills marked with an asterisk* are essential)

Language Requirements

  • For National Professional jobs: Knowledge of English and UN working language of the duty station if not English and local language.
  • Position Competencies
  • Competencies as defined in Job Profile


How To Apply :

Interested and qualified applicant should apply through the link below

Deadline: 06.06.2021
Employment: Full time
Location: Gambela
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