You are currently viewing Organization : FMOH;  Position : Partnership and Cooperation Directorate; Location : Addis Ababa;  Education : MPH; Deadline : May 16 2021

Organization : FMOH; Position : Partnership and Cooperation Directorate; Location : Addis Ababa; Education : MPH; Deadline : May 16 2021

Job Description:

The Government of Ethiopia has received financial support from the DPs to strengthen continental and regional infectious disease detection and response systems. MOH is responsible for the administration of the project fund which needs considerable efforts to plan, administer, and follow-up.

For the effective implementation of this project, MOH is looking for a Grant Management Officer who will be responsible for the overall Grant Management of the project, ensure the maintenance of sound grant arrangements inconsistent with agreements, manuals and project documents throughout the life of the project. The Grant Management officer will work closely with the project team. The Grant Management officer will provide the overall management of the grant assigned to follow and she/he will be the focal person responsible for grant aspects of the project.


The objective of this post is to ensure that the grant management arrangements of the projects are providing assurance that the funds of the project are used for intended purposes and that the grant management arrangements continue to be adequate. . This will contribute to the success of the project as a whole. To this end, MOH wants to recruit a grant management officer for one year with the possibility of extension depending on the availability of fund and performance.


  • Ensure the establishment and effective management of grant management information system, and document major actions from pre-award through closeout of the project.
  • Ensure adheres of the grant management system of MOH with the Integrated grant management System, compliance standards, tracking expenditures and to allow systematic budget monitoring and reporting grants
  • Coordinate with Internal Audit Directorate, Finance and Procurement Directorate and relevant directorates of MOH to develop monitoring of risk assessment and mitigation plan, and strategies at all levels of the grant management cycle and update accordingly
  • Ensure a well-functioning electronic grant tracking system and keep abreast easy reference of basic information of projects and track changes due to reprogramming of activities and budget
  • Ensure that sound grant sub-award and administration procedures are in place
  • Coordinate inputs from relevant Directorates and assist in the detailed annual budgeting of each project, and cascade as per the DPs preparation framework
  • Ascertain the preparation of monthly initial cash flow forecast is in line with signed grant agreement and consequent annual work plan and budget of MOH
  • Ensure payment requests and fund transfer schedule are consistent with the signed grant agreement, submit approved transfer request to the DPs, and follow up timely disbursement
  • Verify subsequent fund disbursement requests and confirm timely transfer and receipt, and regularly update income transfer tracking sheet
  • Ensure submission of monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually  programmatic and financial reports
  • Reconcile program and financial reports, submit to the DPs, and work with relevant Directorates to address any comment forwarded timely
  • Assist in the initiation of reprogramming request by Program, jointly review justifications, submit to and get approval from the DPs, update work plans and budget and share to concerned Directorates of MOH.
  • Organize regular joint monthly monitoring meetings, quarterly field visits, participate in the debriefing sessions, action points development and follow-up implementation
  • Facilitate the annual Audit Plan (internal and external), assist in pre-audit preparation, and participate in the planning of corrective action upon the issuance of Final Internal Audit Report, and work with internal audit directorate and follow up during implementation.
  • Facilitate assessment visits by the DP are effectively facilitated within the scope of agreed-upon TOR, review and share final report and update the DP and MOH with actions taken
  • Develop grant close-out plan in coordination with relevant Directorates, get approval from the MOH officials and the DP, and share and follow implementation with concerned Directorates.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


The expert will work closely with the project team to assist in the grant activity and improve the efficiency /quality of work in accordance with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s regulations & procedures.


  • The Grant Management Officer will report to the Grant Management Team of the Partnership and Cooperation Directorate at MOH.
  • The expert will base in the Grant Management Team of the Partnership and Cooperation Directorate and will travel to regions when it is necessary.

Contract Duration

The contract will be for one year with possibility of extension depending on availability of fund and performance.

Job Requirements:

  • Educational background of a BSC/BA or MPH/MA/MBA/MSC in Public Health, Economics, Management, Accounting and Finance
  • At least 10 years Proven experience in project coordination, grants management, budgeting in   international donor organizations for BSC, BA or 7 years Proven experience in project coordination, grants management, budgeting in international donor organizations for MPH/MBA/MA/MSC qualification experience working in international or  local NGO with recognized technical expertise;
  • Coordination skills including ability to provide strategic guidance, develop work plans, manage budget, project expenditures, demonstrated skills in presentation and reporting using various media
  • Good interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners at all levels (ministry, donors, private sector, NGOs and local community based organizations) are an asset.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • Competency in the use of computer software like excel, power point, word and other
How To Apply:
Qualified applicants are invited to submit their application indicating for which Position they are applying for, non-returnable CVs and copies of all documents together with original documents to the Federal Ministry of Health, Human Resource Administration Directorate within 10 consecutive working days from the first date of this announcement on newspaper. Female applicants are encouraged to apply.





Deadline: 05.16.2021
Employment: Full time
Location: Addis Ababa
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