You are currently viewing Organization : World Vision Ethiopia; Position : TSFP/BSFP Facilitators (WFP); Education :  Diploma in Public Health/ Clinical Nursing/Nutrition and related health field; Location : Tigray; Deadline : May 10 2021

Organization : World Vision Ethiopia; Position : TSFP/BSFP Facilitators (WFP); Education : Diploma in Public Health/ Clinical Nursing/Nutrition and related health field; Location : Tigray; Deadline : May 10 2021

Job Description:
Food distribution and management role

  • Ensure that all commodities entrusted to World Vision arriving at distribution centers are properly accounted for
  • Scrutinize all waybills for commodities arriving at the distribution centers. Ensure that the commodities are of correct quantities and quality as manifested on the waybill. Immediately record all quantities delivered short (missing), quantities lost in transit and quantities damaged if any. All observations must be recorded immediately.
  • Commodities must carefully be counted during off-loading.
  • At the distribution center, commodities must be stacked in an organized manner, by commodity type to facilitate easy distribution.
  • Take active role in the registration and verification of beneficiaries to ensure that the process is fair
  • Organize and supervise food and NFI (None Food Items) distributions in the field and FDPs.
  • At the distribution center, commodities must be properly stacked on plastic sheeting.
  • Ensure that the distribution center is properly organized and secured with ropes and crowd control measures put in place to ensure smooth distribution and flow of beneficiaries.
  • Responsible to ensure that all necessary distribution equipment are available at the distributions center, including forms, ropes, banners, plastic sheets, measuring devices etc.
  • Supervise loading of food that is left over after distributions. Ensure that a waybill is prepared for food to be returned to the warehouse.
  • Prepare daily distribution center visit reports and Food Monitors report.
  • Ensure proper completion and safe return of all tally documents and beneficiary lists to the office for safe storage.
  • Ensure proper accounting of all quantities of commodities received and distributed at each center.

Nutrition screening, and TSFP/BSFP beneficiaries Recoding/registering:

  • Conduct screening, verify and compile screening data.
  • Register all children under 5 for admission, PLW and other vulnerable groups in the registration book and filling out an individual ration card for admissions
  • Measure all children under five and PLW by MUAC for TSFP targets
  • Register all <5, PLW absentees at the end of each distribution
  • Make a list of all <5 absentees and defaulters, share it with the TSFP/BSFP Officer
  • Update the registration book with the relevant details (Wgt and Hgt % wt/ht calculations)  of <5 attendees
  • Interpret anthropometric data and provide feedback to careers regarding child’ maturational status
  • Record all <5, PLW discharges/defaulters/ transfers from the SFP and highlight such exits clearly
  • Perform any other duty that may be assigned from time to time
Job Requirements:
  • Education: Diploma in Public Health/ Clinical Nursing/Nutrition and related health field of study preferred from accredited universities or health colleges

Trainings on:

1.        Acute malnutrition management based training

2.        TSFP/BSFP basic Training

  •  Experience: Minimum two years working experience in nutrition screening and food distribution
  • Experience in community based management of acute malnutrition
  • Experience in BSFP/TSFP food distribution
  • Experience in community mobilization, and awareness creation
  • Knowledge, training and experience in management of TSFP/BSFP and SAM management
  • Demonstrated skills in TSFP/BSFP and CMAM program planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Good human relation skills.
  • Willingness to work under pressure and extra hours
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions;
  • Prepared to live and work in an remote and uncertain security environment
  • Fluent in oral and written languages in Tigrigna
How To Apply:
Interested applicants must require to attach Current CV with three references & fill employment application form which can be found and email by stating the position that you have applied on the subject line of the email to[email protected] and or
Deadline: 05.10.2021
Employment: Contract
Location: Degua Tembein, Enda Mehoni, Neksege, Ofla, Zata, Raya Alamata, Maichew, Seyemti Adyabo,Maekel Adyabo,Gulomekeda and Zalambesa, Tigray
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