You are currently viewing Organization : Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain; Position : Hospital MEDICAL ACTIVITY MANAGER; Location : Guji, Oromiya ; Education : Medical doctor or paramedical degree. Desirable specialization or training in Tropical Medicine ; Deadline :  May 10, 2021

Organization : Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain; Position : Hospital MEDICAL ACTIVITY MANAGER; Location : Guji, Oromiya ; Education : Medical doctor or paramedical degree. Desirable specialization or training in Tropical Medicine ; Deadline : May 10, 2021

Job Description:



Defining, coordinating and monitoring the medical activities under his/her responsibility according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the delivery of quality medical care for patients and their communities as well as to improve the health condition of the target population




·         Coordinating, assessing and supervising the proper functioning of the medical activities (HIV, TB STIs, SGBV, etc.), according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures and through the correct compilation and analysis of medical data regarding patients’ health conditions.

·         Participating in the definition of annual planning and budget for the project and in the follow up of the programs / project. Supervising and ensuring that medical activities objectives under his/her responsibility are achieved, reporting to the technical referent any problem arising in the service

·         Checking all administrative procedures related to patients’ follow-up (individual card filling, registers, paper exit, discharge, transfers …) are carried out correctly and according to MSF procedures.

·         Ensuring an efficient pharmacy management and monitoring the rational use of them. In coordination with the project biomedical service supervising the appropriate use of medical devices and anticipating future needs. Preparing the medical orders needed to implement the medical activities under his/her responsibility, and identifying and reporting to the line manager, non-medical support needs (material, infrastructure, transport, etc.)

·         Coordinating and monitoring the daily working plan of the team under his/her responsibility (absent personnel, vacations, tracking leaves …). Participating in shifts and replaces a doctor, if necessary

·         Planning and supervising, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to improve staff capabilities and to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required

·       Participating in the monthly reports according to guidelines (i.e. SitReps, medical statistical reports, etc.).


In brief, MSF proposed a project that will provide essential primary health care to at least 72,586 people, of which 24,028 of them are IDPs for two years, with an emphasis on reproductive, maternal and child health, the project will focus on improving access to quality preventative and curative health care services, lifesaving services to pregnant and lactating women and children.


The location of the project will be Sababoru. We are targeting an HC Darme as a core facilitywith 24/7 services with secondary health care capacity. And 15 kebeles for outreach with a clear referral mechanism to 4 less equipped HCs and from them to Darme HC and further referral to Hawassa or Negele hospital. The targeted areas and population will be in phases. April we target 6 kebeles, June start service at Darme HC and September the rest 9 Kebeles.


The Guji MAM Hospital will be responsible for implementing all the medical actcivities in Darme Centralized HC, creating a link and interaction between the different departments (Maternity, OT, General ward, ITFC, Pharmacy, Staff Health,…) in order to improve coordination and collaboration in the health facility. The MAM hospital will work together with the MAM outreach for the facilitation of networking between Darme HC and the Health Extension Program in order to improve the referral system to access the seconday health care. S/he will give technically support to the Medical Doctors, Clinical officers, Surgeons by checking that all the medical activity is running correctly in Darme HC (OPD, IPD, Patients flow, Staff Health, MSF protocols,…). Other duties include delivering trainings, producing reports, assessments, monitoring and evaluation or any other roles as may be assigned by  the project Medical Referent.


General objective:

The MAM Hospital  will develop startegies that support the expansion of technical platform health care in Darme HC to become a secondary health care. S/he will reinforce the integration of MSF and or MoH protocols establishing stong relationships with MoH staffs and different level of care in Darme HC. He will develop also a strategy to ensure effective and efficient implementation rational use of antibiotic. He will develop, implement, and maintain good quality of service, IPC procedures.


1.     Follow up of activity and definition of objectives


§  Compiles medical statistics, Check if the HMIS is up to date and the data validity and analysis.

§  Draft the medical reports for his/her activity in collaboration with the NAM, the Midwife Activity Manager, the HP Activity Manager and MAM Outreach and submit timly to the PMR

§  Participates in discussions on the running of the project and the definition of objectives

§  Participates in the surveillance of the health situation for the populations concerned by the project.

§  Ensure sterility in the operating room, and all equipment and instruments.


2.     Implementation of programs


§  Check that all the medical activity is running correctly in Darme HC.

§  Check and ensures that all MSF protocols are followed properly.

§  Check and ensures the quality of the cares given within the frame of the activity (IPD/SC,OT, Maternity, IPD, Mental health activities, ER & A/ITFC)

§  Monitor the rational distribution of medicines and other medical material by analysing the rational use of drugs, give the feedback to the clinicians and report monthly to the PMR.

§  Identifies non-medical support needs (material, infrastructure, transport, etc.) and report them to the PMR, Field coordinator and Log Manager.

§  Ensure that recording in individual patient’s card and registration books of all medical activities are performed correctly in collaboration with the Nursing Activity Manager and Midwife Activity Manager.

§  Ensure that all administrative procedures and documents are used correctly (discharge, transfers)

§  Checks that medical confidentiality is respected and patients are sufficiently informed about their illnesses and treatments

§  Replaces a Medical Doctor and or Clinical Officer if necessary and participates in shifts.


3.     Team management


§  Manage the work of the staff involved in the activities, according to OCBA HR vision, policies and values and refers to the Field Administration manager for advice whenever needed.

§  Participates to the definition of the posts required for his/her activity and draws up job descriptions

§  Participates in the recruitment of personnel for his activities.

§  Plans shifts and organizes the replacement of absent personnel, plans vacation rosters, tracking leaves.

§  Reports immediately to the Project Medical Management team in the event of medical error in his/her activity

§  Organizes and supervising the work of the staff working in the activity

§  Leads and organizes regular team meetings (Data sharing meeting, Mortality review, Priority meeting,..)

§  Facilitates the circulation of information and a fluid communication within the team and between the team and the ones involved in other activities.

§  Carrying out annual individual reviews of medical staffs  under his responsibility and delegating the responsibility for carrying out reviews of other personnel

§  Defines the training needs of the staff according to project objectives and potential.

§  Participates in the training of the staff (individual practical training, team training, courses, etc…)


4.     Reporting


§  Drafts the weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of all the medical activities in Darme HC including referral system, Staff health in collaboration with the rest of managers working in the HC.


5.     Others


§  Staff Health: Provide technical support to the health staff for the proper functioning of activities and compliance with protocols

§  Organises and participates in meetings with other managers in order to ensure smooth collaboration of all departments in terms of activities running.

§  Participates in meetings in hospital with MSF staff and collaborators.

§  Giving support to the outreach programs whenever needed.

§  Representing MSF in external meetings on request by the PMR.

Job Requirements:
Education Medical doctor or paramedical degree. Desirable specialization or training in Tropical Medicine or related studies.
Experience Essential 2 year working experience related to the diploma/degree and previous experience in MSF in the field or with another NGO in management
Languages Essential mission language, local language desirable
Knowledge Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
Competencies •          Strategic Vision L2

•          Leadership L2

•          People Management and Development L3

•          Service Orientation L3

•          Teamwork and Cooperation L4

How To Apply:
All applicants should send their application files (composed by CV, cover letter, educational records, work certificates and copy of ID card) via Ethiojobs OR by email to [email protected] OR give their application file in person to MSF Spain GUJI Gatluak KUEYLUAL or Teshome TADESSE .



Posting date:  30th of April 2021

Closing date: 10th of May 2021 (5PM international time).








Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Copies of CV + supporting documents are non-returnable. Phone calls are not allowed.


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