You are currently viewing New Leaf Fertility Center; Position : OPD Nurse; Location :  Addis Ababa; Minimum Experience : 3 Years

New Leaf Fertility Center; Position : OPD Nurse; Location : Addis Ababa; Minimum Experience : 3 Years

March 7 2021, New Leaf fertility Center Addis Ababa
Job Description:
New leaf fertility Center established with a vision of being the premier provider of quality customer focused assisted conception treatments, services and procedures. It has a vision to be committed to providing efficient safe and ethical high quality personalized assisted conception management service and care, thereby giving couples the best possible chance of fulfilling their hops of having a healthy baby, not by chance but by design and dedication.

New leaf fertility Center serves our customers with pioneering and innovative science, with world-class technology. Together with professional care and personal support from our infertility experts, we can ensure an increase in the chance of patients having a healthy baby.

Services we offer

  • Assisted reproductive technology
    • IVF: in-vitro fertilization
    • ICSI: intra cytoplasmic sperm injection
    • IUI: intrauterine insemination
  • Genetic testing
  • Male fertility treatment
  • Female fertility treatment
  • Fertility preservation
  • Gynecologic surgeries
  • Counseling and support

Task and Resposnibites

  • Coordinating with clinical providers for filling patient requests
  • Preparing documentation of all patient medical details
  • Assisting in fixing patient appointments and testing tasks
  • Supporting staff in delivering patient care services
  • Work closely with patients throughout the intake process. OPD nurse is expected to conduct preliminary tests such as, vital sign, blood sugar and body mass index.
  • Prepare equipment for a doctor and assist with procedures which can be conducted at outpatient care unit. This aspect of the role requires an OPD nurse to rapidly shift between tasks and duties depending on where doctors need the most assistance.
  • Provide direct care to patients, including administering medication, changing dressing on wound and apply topical treatments
  • An OPD nurse is also expected to follow patients to pick any  allergic reaction to administered drugs at their area of practice
  • Ensure the facilities are clean and prevent the spread of disease by sanitizing and maintaining equipment.
  •  Properly dispose potentially hazardous materials including needles and tubing and clean re-usable equipment within the facility.

Duration : Contract

Job Requirements:
Professional qualification and work experience

Possess a bachelor degree in nursing

  • Work experience of at least three years as OPD Nurse at a hospital
  • Valid Nursing License

Interpersonal skill

  •  To utilize appropriate and effective strategies to communicate effectively with patients and those involved in their care.
  • To develop ability to instill sense of confidence on a patient being treated.
  • To develop a come approach when working in all areas of the hospital with good attention to detail
  • To demonstrate an emphatic approach in understanding the patients problem and anxiety through their treatment process.
  • To liaise with medical, scientific, nursing and administration staff In conjunction with the multidisciplinary team
  • Being aware of the need for and the implications of change and being an effective change agent
  • Participate in focus groups e.g. Risk Management, quality and Audit group.
  • Liaises with fertility network support groups.

Responsibility in Leadership role

  • Able to act as a mentor for new staffs
  • To act as a positive role model for all other staffs.

Professional development:

  • Acquiring updated knowledge, taking trainings and experience sharing that are required for assessing and interpreting patient conditions, especially in acute conditions.
  • To take responsibility for one’s personal and professional growth and for maintaining a record of professional development experiences.
  • Taking responsibility with colleagues for the teaching of new staff and staffs with lesser experience.

Clinical practice and decision making:

  • Demonstrates skills and knowledge in clinical practice pertaining to fertility, in particular treatment scheduling, nurse consultation including health education.
  • To be attentive in all areas worked and report any problems to a member of nursing staff.
  • To provide input within the limit of expertise for problem solving within any area of nursing function.
How To Apply:
Anyone who qualifies for the requirement can apply through This Link  
Deadline: 03.13.2021
Employment: Full time
Location: Sarbet, in front of South African Embassy, Addis Ababa

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