You are currently viewing Healthcare Job at ICAP; Position: Zonal Project Officer; Education : HO/BSc Nurse with BSc in PH; Location : Bahir Dar ; Deadline : November 15 2020

Healthcare Job at ICAP; Position: Zonal Project Officer; Education : HO/BSc Nurse with BSc in PH; Location : Bahir Dar ; Deadline : November 15 2020

November 8 2020, ICAP at Columbia University

Job Title : Zonal Project Officer
Location: Bahir Dar


The Zonal project officer for support of Zones/Town HOs will provide technical assistance to the selected
Zones/Woredas/ Towns/sub city HOs to enable them implement high-quality comprehensive HIV case
identification, Prevention, care and treatment services. S/he will follow up the planning and updating the execution  of planned activities of the selected Zones/ Towns/sub city HOs through direct and virtual support. S/he will support  with a focus on meeting the PEPFAR 95-95-95 goals throughout the COP 20 period.


  • Under the supervision of ICAP regional Director, the Zonal project officer will have the following duties
    and responsibilities:
  • Support Zones/ woreda/ Towns HOs in capacity building, implementation support and monitoring of
    optimized case identification, HIV prevention, ART optimization, adherence support and viral load
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Provide spaced out (Periodic) supervision/mentoring and support to the
    facility staff to improve case identification, new initiatives, linkage, ART initiation and VLM.
  • Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure documentation at each of SDP providing P & FB ICT/KP￾FS/SNS/Targeted HIV testing using HRST.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to ensure the implementation of KP-QSC and U=U service activities.
  • Support Zones/ Towns HOs to Ensure optimal linkage of all identified positives including Early Infant
    Diagnosis (EID) for early ART initiation and enhanced counselling to improve adherence & retention as
    per the SOP.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure availability of SOP/GL/PST/M & E tools, provide orientation, and
    monitor its use.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure HFs assignment of trained HCWs for provision of P & FB ICT,
    KP/SNS ART service and viral load monitoring services.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure the provision of HIV prevention service activities such as PrEP, GVB
    and U=U.
  • Support Zones/Towns HOs to Strengthen ASM for DSD, support HFs initiation and integration of mental
    health screening service and management to ART care.
  • Support Zones/Towns HOs to Support the site on TLD roll out and optimization of ART for children.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Support implementation of TPT as per the GL in the region.
  • Support Zones/Towns HOs to Improve quality of care for adolescents on ART through adolescent friendly
  • Support Zones/Towns HOs to follow and support facilities on the demand creation for cervical cancer
    screening, provision and scale up of Cervical cancer screening and management services.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Strengthen timely VL monitoring and improved result management.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure weekly monitoring of all high viral load results.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Support high load sites to establish viremia clinics and extended hours service
    to improve RVLM the provision of Enhanced Adherence Counseling (EAC) services.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Follow and support facility level MDT for provision of P & FB ICT/KP￾FS/SNS/Targeted HIV testing using HRST /Early ART/Intensive VLM services at regular and extended
    hours as per the SOP and GL.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Ensure the HF supports and monitors implementation of P & FB
    ICT/KP/SNS/ Tracing of LTFU activities.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to ensure HF level weekly PR on progress of case identification, linkage, early
    ART initiation, retention, VLM and viral suppression and re-suppression.
  •  Support Zones/towns in the initiation and scaling-up of new initiatives including HPV-DNA PCR for
    cervical cancer screening and Urine- LAM tests for TB diagnosis.
  •  Support Zones/Towns HOs to Submit weekly/monthly reports to higher level on time.


  •  HO/BSc Nurse; an additional degree in public health is an asset.
  • 2-5 years’ work experience working on HIV/AIDS care and treatment.
  •  Experience as Clinical Mentor is highly preferred.
  •  Ability to establish and maintain teamwork.
  • Basic computer knowledge (MS office Plus).
  •  Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Deadline : November 15 2020


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