You are currently viewing Healthcare Jobs in Ethiopia;  Target Human Rights Organizations; Position: Nursing Coordinator/Midwife; Education : BSc in Midwifery; Deadline : October 31 2020; Location : Afar

Healthcare Jobs in Ethiopia; Target Human Rights Organizations; Position: Nursing Coordinator/Midwife; Education : BSc in Midwifery; Deadline : October 31 2020; Location : Afar

October 22 2020, Healthcare Jobs in Ethiopia


Target Human Rights Organizations



Position: Nursing Coordinator/Midwife
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Contract
Place of Work: Afar
Application Deadline: Oct, 31/2020 

Internal/External Vacancy 

Job Description:

In cooperation with the German Professional Association of Gynecologists, the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic opened its doors in June 2015 in Afar region at the border of Tigray, and tries to address the medical problems of genitally mutilated girls and women (FGM I to III) as well as emergency obstetrics, which is especially acute in remote regions such as the one of our clinic. In Afar, 91.6 percent are mutilated, with the majority having undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Type II and III. This poses great risks for girls and women, in particular during labor.

Our clinic is equipped and designed according to European standards. In addition to gynecological and obstetrics care, emergency procedures such as cesarean sections and minor obstetric and gynecological surgeries incl. defibrillation of FGM III is also undertaken. Currently, we have about 35 births and an average of 2 cesarean sections a month, with these figures set to increase further in the future. We aim to increase the number of defibrillations in particular as well as improve our FGM consultations in the clinic.

The clinic is operated through a national team of anesthesia-technicians, nurses and midwives, a pharmacist, laboratory technicians, a gynecologist, an IESO as well as a German technician and a German-Ethiopian project coordinator. Monthly visits of European volunteer gynecologists, midwives, nurses and anesthesiologists are furthermore supporting the national team and provide training. TARGET Human Rights Organisation has already established a strong presence in the region for more than a decade, working closely with Islamic and Clan representatives in the region. TARGET intervenes without any affiliation to politics, religion or financial profit.

The nursing coordinator is responsible for supervising nursing and midwifery staff as well as co-supervising with the medical coordinator all other medical staff such as of anesthesia, laboratory, pharmacy, reception, OR and first aid/ambulance drives. He / She oversees patient care, makes management and budgetary decisions as part of the managerial clinic committee, sets efficient and economic shift schedules, coordinates meetings, and makes decisions about the staff. He / She needs strong communication and leadership skills. He / She should be adept at coordinating medical resources and personnel as well as meeting project goals and objectives and harmonizing those two areas. As part of the clinic’s management, he/she must be an effective leader who can strike a balance between working with the nursing and midwifery staff as well as the managerial clinic committee members. The position holder works in accordance with the rules and regulations of TARGET.

Duties of this Position 

  • Act as nursing and midwifery service lead among clinic committee, staying up-to-date with new laws and regulations relating to the clinic; Complete all medical reporting of supervised departments together with Medical Coordinator to the Project Coordinator, Country Coordinator and Management Board in Germany.
  • Organize, direct, control and coordinate supervised departments together with the Medical Coordinator; this includes patient care and staff organization and evaluation, collaborating with the national and international colleagues and other managerial/administrative tasks; supervise all staff under Medical Coordinator during his/her absence.
  • Assist clinic committee in implementing the clinic’s objectives, especially in regards to ending FGM and contribute innovatively to the overall cause of TARGET Human Rights Organisation aim to end FGM.
  • Recruit, hire and evaluate sub-positions in supervised departments, and support recruitment and evaluation of professional (e.g. nurses/midwives) as well as non-professional clinic staff (e.g. cleaners); develop and implement disciplinary actions as necessary (in collaboration with clinic committee).
  • Run day-to-day nursing and midwifery services incl. ensuring adherence to regulations relating to HR, logistics and patient care, infection prevention, safety, etc. and reporting to the respective government authorities in line with prior clearance of the clinic committee and the Management Board in Germany.
  • Develop, implement and maintain nursing and midwifery policies, protocols and procedures as well as their supporting documents (e.g. treatment guidelines, disinfection plan, infection prevention procedures); implement German operating objectives and insure they are uniformly understood and followed by all staff.
  • Control cost management and resource utilization as well as quality assurance in collaboration with clinic committee and the Management Board in Germany; develop and implement procedures that ensure nursing and midwifery service supplies are ordered on time and used in an efficient manner to avoid waste and/or stock-outage; monitor expenses for shifts incl. overtime and on-call duty, medical equipment and supplies in coordination with clinic committee.
  • Care of IPD, OPD and OR patients (with focus on gynecological, obstetric and neonatology/under-1-year patients) incl. all regular tasks of a TARGET nurse/midwife/scrub nurse.
  • Assist with the orientation of new staff and supervising nurses and midwives as well as non-professional clinic staff, e.g. cleaners; orally translate for international staff as requested; assign a sufficient number of nurses and midwives for each shift and on-call duty to ensure that quality care is maintained.
  • Maintaining a sterile environment, thus ensuring aseptic technique, and develop, implement and maintain close collaboration with laundry and kitchen staff for the highest possible patient care.
  • Monitor nursing and midwifery care to assure that all patients are treated fairly, and with kindness, dignity, and respect; ensure that all nursing and midwifery staff are known to patients’ rights and responsibilities; ensure safety for patients and colleagues.
  • Participating in any duties involved with the care of patients, and the smooth running of the clinic and project implementation, which are not specifically laid down in the document or any duties you may be required to carry out as requested by the Medical Coordinator/Leading Gynecologist or Project Coordinator.

Department/Project/Duty Station/Country: TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic in Farras Dagge, Konnaba Woreda, Afar Zone 2, Ethiopia

Type of Employment: Staff (open-ended)

Supervisor/s: Medical as well as Project Coordinators of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic

Subordinated Positions: Nurses and Midwives of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic

Subjection to Directives: The nursing coordinator is bound by instructions from the Medical Coordinator, acting gynecologist in the delivery ward, OPD, IPD and OR, as well as Project Coordinator of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic.

Supervisory Directives: Nurses, Midwives, Cleaners, lab technician, pharmacist, receptionist, anesthesia technician of the TARGET Higher Obstetrics Speciality Clinic

Our Offer: You can expect a varied, challenging job in a committed team, and performance-focused payment in the range of a basic salary of ETB 12000 and a position allowance of ETB 3500. As this is a managerial position, the initial probation period will be 90 days.


  • Valid Ethiopian ID
  • Preferably Midwifery Degree, alternatively Nurse-Midwifery Degree (or equivalent degree) and current registration on the professional nursing or midwifery register in Ethiopia.
  • 3 years’ continuous professional experience in a similar setting; 2 references/work experience certificates required incl. latest work; previous managerial experience is a strong asset
  • Experienced in Infection-Prevention for clinics is desirable
  • Experience with International Organization or NGO is desirable
  • Clean Health Certificate (possible to be done in TARGET’s clinic)

Personal Skills

  • Command authority and respect through assertiveness, through a sense of diplomacy and sensitivity to cultural differences as well as the ability to prioritize and take initiative, even in areas with lesser expertise (proactive work ethos)
  • Proficiency in common computer programmes (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Excellent self-motivation and commitment; availability to work flexible times (including evening/night time when required)
  • Precision, punctuality, and honesty; ability to make decisions in a management team and represent them towards subordinated staff
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English; knowledge of Afar or Arabic language is a strong asset
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills for optimal patient care are required Commitment to excellence and customer service
  • Willing to work at unsocial work hours and with sudden changes in work schedules

How to apply

Do you want to work with us against the cruel practice of female genital mutilation? Send your application comprising your CV with two reference letters incl. that of your latest work, a motivation letter with the earliest job entry date and a summary of your managerial experience.

Mr. Taha

[email protected]

Kindly use the ‘Nursing Coordinator’ as a reference for your email.

The application deadline is 31 October 2020.

While we appreciate all applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. As this is a rolling application, we reserve the right to hold tests and interviews prior to the application deadline.


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