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August 26 2020

🏆This question is mainly for non-physicians!

Assume You are a Doctor…

✍️ 🧑‍🦽 A poor person from rular Ethiopia is sick and Came to Your Clinic in the City… You examined the Patient and You Figured that there are 6 available drugs that can treat the disease … The person is 76 years old and has other underlying diseases called N and O , both in severe stage.

💊 Drug A – Has side effects called x & y
…Side-effect X doesn’t happen usually(Happens only in 1 out of 50,000 people) but can be immediately fatal if it happens.

💵 Drug Price is 300 Birr

💊 Drug B has side-effects called M & N but
Both M & N are very mild and self limiting in an otherwise healthy individual.

💵 Drug Price 50 Birr

💊 Drug C has side-effects called M & L

💵 Drug Price is 5000 Birr

Both Side effect M & O are mild and easily treatable if they happen in an otherwise healthy individual.

💊 Drug D has side effect of only L.
💵 Price is 10000 Birr

💊 Drug E has a side effect called Y… Side-effect Y is deadly but it happen only in 1 out of 100000 people.But the side effect occurs More frequently in older people.

💵 Price is 150 birr

💊 Drug F is mainly used for another disease but have effectiveness over the disease of our patient but needs close follow up.
💵 Drug Price… 30 birr

💵 Follow up takes additional 1000 birr.
(Remember the person is from rular Ethiopia and has no where to stay in the City )

👨‍⚕🧑‍⚕If you were the doctor, Which Drug will you order for this Patient?

🤔 What will be
Your next course of action?

✔️ Comment your answer Below.
(Include Your reasons)

The Scenario Above it Completely Hypothetical ‼️

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  1. Dr. Dawit Taye

    Drug B b/c
    1. the side effect is very mild and if occured self limiting.
    2. It is cost effective (affordable)

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